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His name means "Warrior."  

The name fits him well as he is a fierce defender of pollinators -

bees in particular.

JEG People Susie.png


Her name means "Lily."  

The name fits her well as she loves flowers of all kinds and lilies especially.


Her name means "Beautiful Flower."  How ironic then that she loves vegetables more than flowers.  And her favorite vegetable is, you guessed it,

the carrot.

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JEG People Michael.png


His name means "gift of God."  

And he is - like Barnabus, he is an encourager, a friend, and a great volunteer.  Our favorite saying is, "Just Ask Michael."

JEG People Ren .png


Ren prefers to say that his name means "A raven of perfect virtue." 

It fits, so we don't argue!  Ren's specialty is growing vegetables without pests.  How does he do it?

JEG People Hannah.png

Hannah Grace

Hannah means "Favor or Grace."  Her friends joke that it means "ungraceful" as Hannah tends to be a bit clumsy.  But she handles it all with a great deal of "Grace."

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